Out in Lee County, Texas, with late winter on the run, a silent night was shattered and a simple deed was done / Rifle fire split the night, a faithful heart lay dead / In the time it takes to say goodbye, love’s misery found its end / (Chorus) So long to old August, Hildegard the same / Is there any point in wondering why, is there anyone to blame? / To die for love is noble, to live for pain, a sin / If you can tell the right from wrong, you’ve played this game to win / August owned a mercantile, ran cattle on the side / There were no kids to carry on, just Hildegard, his wife / She’d watched him slowly dying ‘till he stood the pain no more / She said, “I can’t live without you”…he said “I’ll take you when I go.” / (Repeat chorus) So this will end the story, there’s not much else to say / Old August and Hildegard lay peaceful in their graves / Plastic flowers mark the spot in case you’re passing by / On the highway of desperate love, a full moon shines tonight /