Well, I sat down with this damned old pen, tried to write a line or two and then / Gave it up when thoughts fell victim to the night / Couldn’t satisfy a writer’s soul, fire of passion turned winter cold / Not one ember in the ashes could I find / I must’ve seen your face before on the wrong side of a bedroom door / A smile like yours I don’t think I’d forget / You might separate the men from boys, swim in sorrow drown in joy / But a promise I don’t make I won’t regret / It’s no wonder that you feel so blue, the single bars have proved to you / You haven’t found what you think you’ll never find / Rain dances on the wet concrete, step back into an empty street / The wind blows home and a lover’s on your mind / (Chorus) You bought the ticket, paid the price / Watched the movie with jaded eyes / You jumped ship in the port of paradise / I’m out of meter and out of rhyme, an actor who forgot his lines / An artist who tries to paint in black and white / So pay attention, sit up straight, if you pass this test you’ll make the grade / But I learn more from the wrong than from the right /