I wonder who lives in the old house tonight, I wonder whose dreams are there / I wonder who loves in the old house tonight, and I wonder what secrets they share / I wonder who says I love you / I wonder who says I care / I wonder who sleeps in the old house tonight, now that we’re no longer there / Well, I wonder who’s driving the old truck tonight / I wonder what highway it’s on / I think about the roads and the miles that we’ve seen and I wonder sometimes why it’s gone / (Chorus) I wonder what makes this world go ‘round / I wonder much more than I should / I think about the things that are always going down / And you know I’d forget them if I could / Now we’ve all said goodbye just a time or two, it seems / To something that we thought would never go / I once heard a man say it’s easier with time / But I’m thinking that old fool just didn’t know /